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What Things Designers Consider When Styling A Restaurant?
What Things Designers Consider When Styling A Restaurant?

Restaurant Interiors:

Everything inside a restaurant is thought out, from the shape and comfort of the seating to the colour of the wallpaper. Designers go to extreme lengths to ensure a café or restaurant’s interior provides the perfect atmosphere to attract customers. Whether it’s the cozy, functional booths of a fast-food chain or the luxurious fabrics of fine-dining, the furniture and décor is not placed by accident.


The first main thing to consider is the story or concept behind the business. It is important to a designer to understand this so a narrative can be built that carries through all elements of the design and nothing is superfluous.

How To Operate?

The second main consideration is how the restaurant will operate. How do guests come in? How does the food get from the kitchen to the table? How big is space and how many waiting staff will be using that space? The layout in terms of operation is crucial, making sure it all flows seamlessly and effortlessly for those running the establishment. This leads to an improved customer experience and contributes to the overall success of the restaurant. Each process must be considered so the restaurant works like a well-oiled machine.

Enjoyment & Relaxation:

Psychologically, there are numerous tricks that designers employ to make visitors feel at ease. Lighting is one way this is achieved, ensuring it is ambient, soft lighting to increase enjoyment and relaxation. Lighting must also be flattering and make people feel comfortable.

Comfortable Designer Furniture:

Having comfortable furniture is also key and is used to encourage different stay times, depending on the type of eatery. More formal, longer dining times will require well-supporting and comfortable seating, while faster, more casual dining will have less emphasis on luxurious comfort as customers move through quicker. Perfect seating is that which combines contemporary styling, comfort and makes the customer feel special. Chairs like the Eames Style DAW Dining Chairs. Find your perfect Eames Style DSW Dining Chair at Stylo Furniture today.

Lighting Choice:

The colour choice is another key area, affecting the way people behave and feel. Combine this with the lighting choices and you can effectively set the mood for the entire restaurant. The colour should blend in with the desired atmosphere and type of cuisine being served.

Being able to effectively convey what cuisine is being served is another important factor in restaurant design. It should ideally be subtle and not overtly themed, celebrating heritage with a décor that complements the cuisine.

Relaxing Surrounding Atmosphere:

The greatest challenge for designing a restaurant is to ensure that all tables are ‘good’ tables. From the customer who has booked months in advance to the ones who have popped in, notable should feel like the customer has been hard done by. Regular customers will also appreciate being seated in different parts of the restaurant to experience something different each time they visit.

The best restaurants pay attention to the small details, those that guests might not immediately notice but that reveal themselves as customers begin to absorb the surrounding atmosphere.

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