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Passion For Mid-20th Century Furniture – Up to 50 % Off
Passion For Mid-20th Century Furniture – Up to 50 % Off

The passion for mid-20th century furniture is as strong as ever and its endurance seems to be down to several factors. How can you tell if you too are in love with mid-20th century design?

Many people refer to it as the ‘new retro’, but has it ever really gone out of style? The design movements of the 1950s started a fresh and quintessential look that combined elements of minimalist, organic and crisp lines. Iconic names from the period include Eames, Arne Jacobsen and Ercol, to name just a few. Their pioneering designs are still very much in evidence with today’s new furniture designs.

Function & Simplicity

You have a strong desire for ceramics that focus on the pure, organic nature of modernism. You are drawn to sleek, classic and tubular designs.

Can’t Get Enough

Love this era? If you crave drinks cabinets, furniture featuring dark wood and angular lighting, then you definitely have a thing for the 50s and 60s.

Great Pattern

Mid-century modern enjoyed a massive surge of popularity starting in the 30s and hasn’t left the home decor lexicon ever since – it’s been reworked, refined, reimagined and fully ingrained into the way the world interacts with a design, that evolution by combining the clean lines and smart functionality of mid-century style with today’s most distinctive trends like bold geometric patterns.

Love A Classic

You have an eye for classic pieces and love items such as the famous Replica Designer Eames Chairs example. You already own at least one classic piece from this era, whether it’s the real deal or a copycat. For a Replica Barcelona Chair and Ottoman, book online replica designer chairs collection up to 50% off

Neutral Décor But Colourful Art

Mid-Century Modern style makes use of clean lines, geometric shapes, and furniture with tapered legs to bring a more lived-in look to traditional modern style. It also incorporates wood and tweed elements while drawing attention to specific pieces of furniture and decor. Pieces like the Egg Chair, the Eames Lounge Chair, and the Panton Chair changed what it meant to have comfortable furniture with aesthetic perfection. Ergonomic furniture and simple decor live within a Mid-Century Modern home. Not only were design elements beautiful and well-structured, but they also created a livable feel in any space.

Sleek And Chic

You could be showing off a mid-20th century interior without even realizing it if you have created a stylish but relaxed living space that is timeless.

Sitting Low

Do you find that you’re choosing furniture that sits low to the ground? You love the low lines of a low-slung chair or settee and the illusion it gives of having a much bigger room.

Well-Placed Accessories

If a room isn’t complete until you’ve included some well-placed accessories that mean a great deal to you, the room is free of clutter and you find the details important – then you’re an aficionado of mid-20th century design!

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