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Classic Designer Furniture – The Eames Lounge Chair And Ottoman
Classic Designer Furniture – The Eames Lounge Chair And Ottoman

Effective And Productive One:

Most people would agree that the Eames partnership was a successful and fruitful one, designing some of the most iconic pieces of classic designer furniture – not only a partnership in design, but in their personal lives too.

Cherished And Perceived Furniture Pair:

The couple particularly cherished trying different things with plywood and would bend and mould and shape this material into lovely bended shapes, which framed the basis for many of their classic designer furniture creations. Probably well-loved and recognized furniture duo, the Eames Lounge Chairs and Ottoman was finally released in 1956 after numerous design re-workings. Designer pair were well known for their painstaking and pedantic attention to detail.

Stunning Combination Of Leather And Rosewood Veneers:

A stunning combination of leather and rosewood veneers, this was a magnificent contribution to the prestigious history books of classic designer furniture pieces. Its seat, backrest shells and armrests are a masterpiece, created in smooth bended compressed wood, got done with a hardwood facade. There is a die cast aluminium frame on shock mounts for flexible movement, a five-arm turn work base and helpful removable upholstery, with thick rich calfskin covers. The Eames Ottoman matches its partner carefully as one would expect, fit as a fiddle and size. As with all faithful reproductions of classic designer furniture, there is mark of authenticity, indicating that an authorized manufacturer has produced each piece and is legitimately allowed to create and call the chairs they produce an ‘Eames’.

Most Iconic Items Of Contemporary Furniture:

This 2-piece set is one of the most iconic items of contemporary furniture and and still as attractive today as it was, harking back to the 50’s. It’s rather like a movie star, with its own specific role, playing an important part in numerous television appearances. In 1956 the Eames seat made its presentation, when it sprung up in a show called ‘Home’ communicate by NBC in the US, facilitated by Arlene Francis.  It’s also the unmistakable piece of classic designer furniture that starred in the sitcom ‘Fraiser’, where it appears in all but one episode. See it in films like ‘She’s Out Of My League’ and and popular series like Doctor Who and Mad Men.

Symbol Of Modern Designer Furniture:

An ever enduring symbol of modern design and classic designer furniture, the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman has graced many a study, bedroom and living room over the years. It additionally has changeless residency at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, in festivity of its exemplary creator furniture status, gave in 1960 by Herman Miller

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